The Big 7: Ductless Air Conditioners And Their Advantages

Posted on February 8th, 2016

The Big 7: Ductless Air Conditioners And Their Advantages

The Big 7: Ductless Air Conditioners And Their Advantages

When it comes to the New York City summer months, few things will impact your life quite like the temperature. That's why keeping a home or office in New York City, NY cool is so important. It influences not only health and happiness, but things like productivity as well. Whether you're looking into purchasing your first air conditioning unit or upgrading your existing one, taking the time to find the right unit is important. Today, many people are choosing the ductless air conditioner over other options.

Essentially, a ductless air conditioner in New York City, NY is just what it sounds like. There are no ducts to install, and the units aren't mounted in a window. Instead, one or more units are placed inside the home in strategic locations. A small three inch hole is drilled in the wall and connected to the unit to complete the installation. Also called a split air conditioner or a mini-split, these units have some very clear advantages that make them well worth considering. Here are 7 of the main ones.

1. Lower Costs - A ductless air conditioner will cost less to purchase than a central heating and air unit, and cost less to install. They'll save you money and get you cooler temps in your house.

2. Better Efficiency - It will also save you money every month. The EPA estimates that an average family spends about 1,000 dollars each year on heating and cooling. Mini-split air conditioning units can lower that cost by around 20 to 30 percent in most cases. That means that your annual energy bills will be greatly reduced when you switch to these units.

3. Can Heat And Cool - A ductless air conditioner can also heat your home. Instead of needing a different source of heat, you can use your unit to warm up your home when the temperatures begin to drop.

4. Environmentally friendly - A ductless air conditioner unit in New York City, NY is better for the environment. By running at a much more efficient level it reduces energy usage and puts less strain on the ecosystem. The unit also uses the most environmentally friendly refrigerant on the market, further enhancing its eco-friendly nature.

5. Easy to Install - Ductless air conditioners are fast and easy to install. Unlike window units that can be dangerous and difficult to install or central heat units that can take days to install, these units can be set up in minutes and ready to go.

6. Targeting Capability - Since these air conditioners are placed in specific locations, it's possible to target certain areas in your home. Instead of relying on centralized thermostats, you can target certain spots that are hotter or colder than others.

7. Better Control - This means that you get more control over the temperature in your home. You can manage the temperatures in different zones instead of having to just set a single temperature for the entire house.

Ductless air conditioners in New York City, NY are growing in popularity quickly, and one look at these 7 advantages makes it easy to see why. If you're looking for a great way to cool your home this summer, going ductless may be the right call.

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